What is Personal Training?

Personal Training at New Leaf Fitness and Wellbeing Coventry is completely dedicated to getting you the results you want.  If you are looking for accountability to keep you committed to hitting your goals, then personal training is for you.

Is Personal Training for me?

Have a specific target in mind or are looking to have a tailored program with extra motivation? Your trainer will design a bespoke training plan and nutritional plan for you to make sure every session we do together works towards you accomplishing your goal. This also includes email and telephone support.

At new leaf fitness and wellbeing we believe that everyone is unique and therefore all our programs both dietary and physical need to be bespoke to each client.

Whether you want fast results for an upcoming holiday or wedding or you're looking for a long term plan to improve general fitness and wellbeing. Personal training is the best way to get the results you have always wanted.

Having your own personal trainer allows you to be held accountable to make sure you are getting the results you want. Having your trainer on hand takes the guess work of your fitness and wellbeing regime meaning that every workout is a great one and working towards your end goal.

Sounds perfect. How do I start?

If you feel you need help to get you started on your health and fitness quest, need some extra motivation or feel you need a little bit more specialised attention then book in for a consultation at our fitness studio with one of our personal trainers today.